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Posted by E'l Roy Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 9:43 PM
As someone once said (Chase Jarvis, I'm sure, but others too, certainly), at any given moment, there are 10 photos waiting to be made all around you. Friends' homes are perfect for this. No matter how comfortable you are in someone else's abode, you aren't so familiar to notice every little detail and nuance.


I was at one such friend's place today, where I've been numerous times and have spent many hours there just hanging out. They have a lovely home, decorated just enough to not be overly minimalistic, without being cluttered.


It's not simply the right quantity of pieces that decorate a home well, but the quality too. The Dude had his rug, and Jack Donaghy has his equestrian paintings. These friends of mine have their little bits of whimsy juxtaposed with iconic figurines; nuanced knickknacks that add a subtle flavor to the decorative palette. They "tie the room together." The Dude would abide.

Though I only posted two images here, I've taken many photos in their home over the years. What struck me is that I'd never noticed these to little figurines before. Like my friends, their home constantly provides me with a bit of joy whenever I visit.

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